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    This website is aimed at informing the audience about clothing, and at tracing the development of fashion trends through the ages. Although clothing styles are numerous and garments have evolved considerably, you will notice that fashion trends have constantly been repeated. You will become aware that during the last decades no major changes have taken place in regard to design. On the contrary, designers have adopted fashion trends from the past and adapted them to the needs of clients in the present.

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    This website is also aimed at pointing out that clothing has other functions apart from protecting the human body. Although human beings wear clothes mainly to protect themselves against weather conditions, they make use of fashion in order to depict ideas and beliefs. With the passing of time clothing has been associated with different ideals, cultures and beliefs. People who belong to the same tribe, for example, generally wear pieces of clothing that are similar. Clothing is therefore used as a means of representing certain styles and ideas, and of depicting social status, age, religious beliefs and musical preferences.

    During the 50s a new type of fashion developed: Fetish fashion. Although this style is very popular today, many people seem to oversee this tendency towards regarding certain garments as fetishistic. In this website we will make a quick review of this style and will provide you with some common examples of fetish clothing.

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    Halloween costume
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